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ABUTRAINING piloting activities carried out

Center for psychological and psychotherapeutic support ET “Analitical Zone”, Sliven, Bulgaria started carrying out events for piloting the already developed training course and training content under Abutraining project.

In the town of Kotel and  Dve Mogili group meetings were held with professionals working in the field of social services and patronage care in the town of Kotel and the surrounding villages. Within 16 hours, summaries of the modules of the curriculum were presented and in the course of the work many interactive methods were used,  such as self-reflective exercises, role-playing games, case studies, work with texts, work in pairs, group discussions, etc. At the end of the work program, feedback was requested from the participants in the form of a feedback form.

An analysis of the collected feedback from the group meetings was made, which shows:

  • Level of satisfaction with the provided knowledge – 92%;
  • Level of satisfaction with the developed / improved skills – 80% of the respondents believe that they have improved their professional skills during the training program;
  • Level of emotional comfort during the training meeting – 100%;
  • Evaluation of the usefulness of the information provided in terms of the real work practice of the specialists – very high.
  • Some suggestions were made for more practical components in the work program; creating more space for mutual learning and mutual assistance between professionals.

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