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The team of Analitical Zone Sliven is working on creating an indicators frame for recognizing of elderly maltreatment and developing training modules

Every year, many people become victims of aggression. Sometimes the news chronicles show various acts of violence, but nevertheless many acts of purposeful and systematic humiliation, belittling, neglect of basic needs, injury, robbery, etc. remain unnoticed. The old people, who are often the target of various types of violence, are particularly vulnerable in this regard. In whatever form it manifests, it always leaves deep scars on a person’s somatic and mental health, their ability to build and maintain relationships, their personal well-being and quality of life.

In order to support the old people and to respect everything they have done for the previous generations, the team of the Analytical Zone took part in the development of indicators for recognizing acts of violence, as well as in the development of training modules for specialists involved in the care of the elderly. . We make these efforts because we are convinced that acts of violence cannot lead to anything constructive and are not a solution in any situation. Recently, we have seen an increasing tolerance by the society to acts of violence, which is a dangerous social trend. That is why, as specialists, we believe that the caregivers of old people should not remain insensitive to the experiences of their clients, but often they themselves are not prepared to respond adequately in such a delicate situation. Professionals in this field can and should help in this regard by offering basic information, evaluation tools, a proposal for action procedures, analysis of real cases, etc. 

The strong belief of our team is that the attitude towards non-violence should be nurtured in children from an early age. For this reason, in our children’s groups for personal development this topic is regularly raised and ways are constantly sought for the formation of favorable social behavior based on respect of difference, respect to the other, honesty, dialogue, empathy, cooperation. As our little clients like to say, where there are friends, there is no violence.

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